About our Firm

Company Title Management Pty Ltd is a leading management firm that specialises in Company Title properties located in Sydney.


Having been established for over 25 years in Sydney's historic Potts Point, the firm is highly regarded for providing expert knowledge and skills in the management of some of the city's most iconic Company Title properties.


Danielle Marchand together with her team of experts, view their role as the appointed Company Secretary and Building Manager as playing an integral part in the preservation of a property's charm and character. This is acheived through a collaborative management approach and the establishment of a close working relationship with the appointed Board of Directors. 


The team are capable of utilising their high level skill set to interpret a company's "Articles of Association" and formulate practical solutions to assist clients in overcoming challenges in this unique property landscape. In addition, a commitment to consistently providing a high level personalised service with a strong focus on strategic planning are at the core of their success.